Computers have been dominating the technological scenario since the seventies. This wonderful machine has not only won over the hearts of billions, but also it has entered all walks of our lives. The widespread availability of computers has tremendously helped mankind make itself developed, powerful, self-reliant, prosperous and progressive entity. So, in the galaxy of scientific inventions and discoveries, the computer has emerged as the brightest star leading man towards better future.

Lightning speed, superb accuracy, high reliability and unmatched integrity are some of the qualities of a computer which has made its application SO pervasive. It has revolutionized the knowledge and information processing system. Knowledge is power and so the chip has become a mighty thing. This tireless and marvelous machine can perform a number of complicated calculations instantly. A computer can execute over a million instructions per second and that too as many times as you like. All this will be done without any mistake. The global revolution, ushered in by computers, is far more powerful than any other the world has seen so far. Though the computer is more miraculous than the mythical Aladdin's lamp, it has passed through an evolutionary process before it reached the present stage. But this process is continuous and millions of dollars are being spent every year on research and development to make it more perfect, versatile and user friendly. A few years back, personal computers were used as glorified typewriters. Then they began to be linked together in a local area network. And then, equipped with telephone modems, they began to talk to one another anywhere across the world.
“Reason is the ruler and queen of all things.” Cicero.
Today, we cannot imagine any area in which computers are not being used; business, banking, electronic publishing, engineering, design, international communication through E-mail, creative designing, fashion designing, internet surfing, web page designing are some of the vital fields which have witnessed the extensive usage of computers. Japan, the USA, the UK, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Germany and France are using computers in the fields of automoblies, automation , business transactions, health management, education and communication. These are the economic super power of the world if We Want to compete with them on economic, technological and social frontsoo, complete computerization of economy is a must.
“All progress means war with society.” George Bernard Shaw.
The computer stores are ocean of information and knowledge and give results as and when ordered. It has helped in overcoming many difficult problems of multiple calculations, scientific data processing, record-keeping and industrial complications. So far it has proved a matchless friend and servant of science, technology and industry. It connects people and supplies desired information instantly. Telecommunication is based on computers. Life in urban cities cannot be imagined without computers. In rural area as well computers can play a vital role in crop development, seed research, crop disease management, rural employment and rural education.
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Clarke, The Lost Worlds.
The coming computers are likely to be still faster, convenient, handy and more sophisticated and complex. The Fortran IV. Which was considered then as ultimate, has now been left far behind by more sophisticated ones. Each new generation of computers has been smaller, lighter, faster and more powerful than the one before. Now, notebook sized pocket computers are a common thing. For example, now you can use your laptop or notebook computer to hook into any phone outlet, exchange e-mail, and voice mail, etc. Consequently, the word has turned into a global village and people have become more mobile, active and result-oriented. Now work and business have become an activity in the real sense of the term. The computer has played an extremely important role in making man more productive and efficient.
“Happy is he who has been able to learn the causes of things.” - Virgil
Though the computer has solved many problems of man, it has certainly increased and added to the problem of unemployment. A computer can replace socres of skilled and efficient people. In spite of this drawback, computers are going to stay forever. They have become a necessity. The government is trying its best to encourage it so that it may contribute to the growth and development of the national wealth and well-being. Consequently, on the export front, the industry has shown remarkable achievement. In the same way, computers have a very bright future in various places like railways, airlines, banks, defence, service, business organizations, offices, research establishments, postal and communication departments. In defence, they help radar, missile and rocket launching, automatic flight, etc. Railways, airlines and hotels now offer instant information on booking and reservations with the help of computers. They have reduced distances as they can be used to co-ordinate activities at different places. They have opened up new avenues of shopping, entertainment and advertising, etc. They have helped in remote access to bank accounts, vital information, Email, paging, video shopping.
“What is now proved was once only imagined.” William Blake.
Computing is becoming more and more pervasive. It has also revolutionized teaching and learning. Computers have obviously proved very useful for training in various fields. Computers can play chess, compose music, draw figures, paint, write each and everything and can also help in producing books in Braille system for the blind. They have made trading on stock exchange far more transparent, reliable, efficient, easy, fair and enjoyable. It has surely eliminated the monopoly of the jobbers and corruption of the brokers.
“Science surpasses the old miracles of mythology.” Emerson.
Some people fear that one day computers will supersedethe human mind. But this fear is not based on facts. In spite of radical and marvelous development in computer, it will only remain a machine a handmade of man. It can never take the place and position of the human brain. It can never attain the  creativity and thinking of the human mind. After all a computer is a machine, a product of human intelligence, which depends on human hands for its manufacture, maintenance and operation. The most powerful is mans brain and that is not going to change.

But computers have surely brought their problems. They can commit mistakes, and when they do, they create many serious problems. Their mistakes are really blunders and more riskyo than those committed by men. They have their own virus, and they can become its victims. So much dependence on computers surely degenerates mental and physical power. But the huge advantages of computers far outweigh these few disadvantages. The world is a global village now and we can keep pace with the World through computerization only.
“The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking.” Albert Einstein, Out of My Later Years
Guest post by: Rabia Anum

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