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Chapter No.4 (Quadratic Equations)
exercises Of this chapter have following topics:
  • Exercise No 4.1 (Solutions of Quadratic Equations)
  • Exercise No 4.2 (Solutions of Equations Reducible)
  • Exercise No 4.3 (Reducible Equations  to quadratic)
  • Exercise No 4.4 (Cube Roots of Unity)
  • Exercise No 4.5 (Polynomial Function)
  • Exercise No 4.6 (Roots and the Coefficients)
  • Exercise No 4.7 (Nature of the Roots)
  • Exercise No 4.8 (System of two Equations)
  • Exercise No 4.9 (System of two Equations Involving two Variables)
  • Exercise No 4.10 (Problems on Quadratic Equations)

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