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Photoshop CS6 brings many new useful options and features and is receiving positive feedback from Photoshop users ( designers, beginners and professional photographers). It has many features, tools and functions that are as same like Photoshop CS5. It has many new features and has improved existing features including: vector layers, Wide Angle filter, Patch tool, Move tool and so on. In Photoshop CS6 the best improvements are Vector Tool-set and 3D tools. You’ll see high performance of this Photoshop version, it is the most efficient and useful Photoshop ever. Although it is efficient and offers many new exciting features, but it does require great skills before using this. You can develop and improve your skills by following some useful and important tutorials. Here, we round up the very best tutorials, you can follow these step by step tutorials that not only offer you to develop your skills but will also save your time and energy. These are the most recent Photoshop tutorials aimed at CS6 users. You should skim this collection and try out these tutorials that will catch your eye.

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