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F.Sc Part-1 (Math)
Ch No.12 (Application of Trigonometry) 
exercises Of this chapter have following topics:
  • Exercise No 12.1 (Tables of Trigonometric Ratios)
  • Exercise No 12.2 (Solution of Right Triangles)
  • Exercise No 12.3 (Engineering and Heights and Distances)
  • Exercise No 12.4 (Oblique Triangles And Solution of Oblique Triangles Case-1)
  • Exercise No 12.5 (Solution of Oblique Triangles Case-2)
  • Exercise No 12.6 (Solution of Oblique Triangles Case-3)
  • Exercise No 12.7 (Area of Triangle)
  • Exercise No 12.8 (Circum-Circle, In-Circle And Escribed Circles)

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