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"Rahay Salamat Tumhari Nisbat P:7"
 This Book Has Been Written by a WellKnown writer named as "Maulana Zulfiqar Ahmad". 

      The Writer Explains The Logics Of Word "Nisbat" By Giving Many daily Examples. i.e Two Bricks Are Made up in same factory. One Of Him is used in Masjid's Yard But Other in Washroom. Thier mader is same But The Brick of Yard is Respected Carefully than Brick of Washroom Due To Their Nisbat.
it Consisits of 9 parts With individually carrying Subject. The subjects of This Book 
Are Given Below:
Part:1 > Nisbat Kia Ha?
Part:2 > Nisbat Ma'Allah.
part:3 > Noor-E Nisbat
Part:4 > Noor-E Nisbat Ka Ousaf

part:5 > Nisbat Ki Aqsam
Part:6 > Siddique Akbar
part:7 > Noor-E Nisbat Ka Husool
Part:8 > ijazat-o-Khilafat
part:9 > Hifazat Nisbat Ka Rahnma Usool.

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